[Samba] disappointed with complete lack of help.

Christian Merrill cmerrill at redhat.com
Fri Jan 28 19:00:09 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

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> Jeremy Allison wrote:
> |> Samba has gone the way of many successful projects: The principal
> |> developers are busy with writing books and talking at conferences
> |> while the mailing lists get flooded with clueless newbie requests.
> |> Nobody knowledgeable finds the time to answer requests at all.
> you not serious are you ?  many Samba developers still take
> time to monitor and respond to this list.  Check the archives.
> The problem is the signal to noise ratio.  The same questions
> get asked over and over again.
> I'll also point out that screaming "the support on this list
> is horrible" is sadly one of the best ways to get people to
> respond (no offense to the original poster).
> cheers, jerry
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If you ask a question regarding a problem that cannot be solved by an 
easy google search, describe the problem you are facing in an 
understandable manner, and supply any related configuration files and/or 
logs you will generally get relatively prompt feedback from someone.

Now and then you will have something so off the wall that nobody really 
has a clue -- I've sent a few out like that myself :), but such is 
life.  I applaud not only the effort that the Samba team puts forth in 
regard to the product, but to what extent they *do* monitor this list 
and help others. 

Christian Merrill

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