[Samba] LDAP and memberUid in Domain Users

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Fri Jan 28 17:52:21 GMT 2005

> Yes, I have.
> It's strange for me, that removed user isn't visible under usrmgr.exe as 
> members of  Domain Users (it's good), but when I do "slapcat", I can see:

So, why are you slapcatting?  The transactions hasn't been committed out
of the journal to the database.  DO NOT USE SLAPCAT TO CHECK DATA!!!
With slapcat your dodging the DSA.  Do an 'ldapsearch cn="Domain Users"'
and I'll wager you won't see the deleted users.

This may also by symptomatic that you haven't configured a checkpoint
value in slapd.conf

> cn	Domain Users
> gidNumber	513
> objectClass	posixGroup
> objectClass	sambaGroupMapping
> sambaGroupType	2
> sambaSID	S-1-5-21-1771745803-971260854-622856654-513
> description	Netbios Domain Users
> displayName	Domain Users
> memberUid	removed_user_1
> memberUid	removed_user_2
> memberUid	removed_user_3
> memberUid	removed_user_4
> memberUid	removed_user_5
> memberUid	removed_user_6
> memberUid	removed_user_7
> sambaSIDList
> userPassword

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