[Samba] disappointed with complete lack of help.

Ryan Frantz RyanFrantz at informed-llc.com
Fri Jan 28 15:32:34 GMT 2005

I humbly submit this response:

I suppose the adage "You get what you pay for" would be appropriate
here.  However, given that the Samba maintainers have bothered to set up
a list for support and discussion of their software, I'd say that is far
better than absolutely nothing.  Add to that the reams of documentation
that have been provided gratis.

I will not discount your disappointment at the lack of a resolution to
your problem, sir.  I too, as many others I'm sure, do not always find
the answers I need, especially in a timely fashion.  But I challenge you
to find any proprietary product where you achieve a 100% satisfactory
tech response to all of your issues.  I'm sure you'll be hard pressed to
do so.

Samba _is_ an excellent tool.  One that has provided many the
opportunity to maintain interoperability in diverse systems.  The
developers' time and effort put into this project are (probably)

My suggestion is to read and reread any and all documentation you have
and document the steps you take in building and configuring your Samba
server.  I know that in the past, that has improved my knowledge of the
software and lessened the likelihood of me having made a mistake because
I made too many changes and introduced too many variables into the

So it is that I propose this adage:  You get as much out of something as
you put into it.


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I sent a request for help on the 21st of January....I waited.....I sent
again on the 24th....I waited.... I sent the same question crafted
differently on the 25th.... I waited.

The help on this list is horrible..... I am sorry for whining.

I talk up open source regularly and I help when I can..... but, the
of "better" support from the open source community because there are so
many active people is a farce....

I see people discussing the semantics of what uptimes should or should
be, but no help.

So, I will struggle on my own a bit longer.

So, I thank the Samba group for a great tool, I just can't thank them
the help, and yes, in the past I have made financial contributions to
group.  Small, but more than many.

Michael J Barber
Computer Services Administrator
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