[Samba] disappointed with complete lack of help.

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Fri Jan 28 15:27:38 GMT 2005

>The help on this list is horrible..... I am sorry for whining.
Looking back on your questions, it seems like the cause is most likely 
phrasing of your issue.  It has been stated often that a well crafted 
question with all pertinent info will get better response than a hard to 
understand issue.  I believe yours is the latter.  Granted that I didn't 
read all your messages, but the first two were definately the latter.

You start off by posting your smb.conf, then 40+ lines of debug info, 
then somewhere in there is a vaugly crafted issue.  You have not stated 
what your goal is, your system config, and/or what you have done to 
troubleshoot your issue, which I reiterate, has not clearly been stated 
either.   Have you read the documentation? Have you tried to follow an 
example?  We have a very good book on pure documentation and a book on 
examples, I recommend both.  They are available free online and for 
money in print.

This is a fairly high volume list, I think I had 40 messages when I 
logged on this morning just from overnight.  The quick to answer or 
suggest questions get first attention, then if somebody is bored they 
might try to figure out what some random post was trying to infer. 

I can't offer any help personally, since from what I can guess, you're 
running an NT4 domain and having some random winbind issue, and I run 
neither, but if you structure your question such that somebody who does 
can see what your problem is,  your milage may improve.

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