[Samba] Active Directory + Samba 3.0.10 -> how to deal with ownersand permissions

Hamish lists at subvs.co.uk
Fri Jan 28 15:15:08 GMT 2005

jmruiz at correo.animatika.net wrote:
>>I would just leave the filesystem to sort that out:
>>mkdir mydirectory
>>chown DOMAIN/Administrator mydirectory (be aware of winbind seperator =)
>>add the share to samba normally
>>Now when users browse to it (if they have permission) they will be able
>>to see the owner is administrator)
>>This is a nice way to administer the "base" of a share system:
>>-fileroot (shared as fileroot$, browseable no, read list @ntadmin, write
>>list @ntadmin)
>>-- share1 (shared normally)
>>-- share2
>>-- share3
>>-- share4
>>Like this, i can open up fileroot$ and set permissions on shares easily,
>>also I have a "back door" to shares that may otherwise lock me out.
> Then, do I need to manually (or through an script) change the permissions
> and ownership of the files? is not there an automatic mechanism?
I dont understand what you want? If you have a directory there already, 
you can change ownership with chmod, if you want all the files in the 
directory, you can chmod -R /dir/name/*
Files created by users will be owned by them, unless you use force user.
If you connect to the files through windows, you can set ownership and 
permissions through the normal windows method.
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