[Samba] Write list access to Read only share

Tony Gaddis tony_gaddis95 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 28 08:47:11 GMT 2005

I have been at this problem for almost a week on my own...
I am running Samba 3.0.4 on a linux 2.4.26 kernel.
I have a share that I want to be read only to the world and writable by members of the write list:
path = /mnt/win/Content
read only = yes
quest ok = yes
write list = sam
I set a password for sam using smbpasswd. I believe all of the UNIX permissions are set correctly.
I can access the share fine in read only mode.  But as user sam on a Windows machine, I try to copy a file to the share and on the first attempt, I get a message "Invalid MS-DOS function".  On the second attempt, I get the message "Access is denied". 
By looking at the logs, I see that I get an "NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD" for sam; since the Windows share password has no value yet, nothing is sent during the session setup. I see that I am connected as the guest user, initially during the session setup and when I try to copy the file.  The guest user then gets a "Permission denied" message when open_file is called which makes sense because guest has only read privilege.
Shouldn't I see a prompt on my Windows system to provide a share password?  And then once I provide a share password, I should be connected as sam?  (I have another share which is accessible only by a valid user list and that is the behavior when I first try to connect to it).
Tony Gaddis

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