[Samba] Very slow SAMBA

cheexer cheexer at secure-tunnel.com
Fri Jan 28 02:22:47 GMT 2005

I started using Samba 3.0.2a in Suse 9.1 (x86_64).  The samba server was 
lighting fast with both Linux and Windows clients.  I have a closed 
network with myself as the only user, so I'm not to concerned about 

I "updated" to Samba 3.0.8.  this turns out to be a big mistake.  the 
Windows clients are still lighting fast, but my Linux client access to 
the samba shares is VERY slow.  There is a long delay and I always get 
"cannot change permissions..." I click this, it goes away, I go get a 
cup of coffee and 5 min later the file will end up uploaded to the 
server as desired.  As it is, this is unusable.

Needless to say, this is very irritating.

I s this a common occueance, and how can I get back to the original 
performance ?

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