[Samba] Re: SAMBA + OPENLDAP - Getent - Please help :)

Alex Satrapa alex.satrapa at anu.edu.au
Thu Jan 27 23:17:23 GMT 2005

On 28 Jan 2005, at 01:40, Choudary Mumtaz wrote:

> Fellows:
>               I am still stuck with getent part.

>          pdbedit -Lv lists all the users. slapcat does list all the 
> accounts and groups. I can query the ldap database using ldapsearch, 
> but getent doesn't give me any output at all. Please let me know, 
> where may be a possible mistake.

Have you checked that you have ldap listed in the /etc/nsswitch.conf 
file? Under Debian, you need to install a new version of libnss (or a 
library that it uses) to support LDAP queries, and the 
/etc/nsswitch.conf file on my machine looks like this:

Alex's /etc/nsswitch.conf contains:
> passwd:         compat ldap
> group:          compat ldap
> shadow:         compat ldap


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