[Samba] Samba not recognizing secondary groups

Ed Holden eholden at mclean.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 27 23:06:25 GMT 2005

Good point re: the lack of details.  This is Linux PPC with a 2.4.21 
kernel.  I don't think winbind is involved, nor is anything fancy like 
LDAP.  Just the old flat passwd/group/shadow files with security=user. 
Since I can connect via SFTP, and since other users are getting along 
fine, and since allowing the user in via universal rw access helps, I'm 
guessing this is an issue with Samba not reading the groups properly. 
I'll take yours suggestions and download the RC of 3.0.11 when it comes 
out, and perhaps that will fix it.

So there was a known bug with multiple group membership?


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Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> On Thu, 27 Jan 2005, John H Terpstra wrote:
>>Suggest you update to Samba-3.0.11 when it is released. It should be out
>>within 48 hours and has many fixes since 3.0.2. One fix is for multiple
>>group membership. Check the WHATSNEW.txt file in the tarball for
> John,
> Correction: 3.0.11rc1 will be out tomorrow (not the final 3.0.11).
> Sorry if I was unclear.
> PS: there's not really enough details here to comment on anyways.
> Such as server platform (e.g. solaris secondary group bug), is winbindd 
> involved, etc...
> cheers, jerry
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