[Samba] Re: Best practices for long-running Samba server

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Thu Jan 27 22:36:14 GMT 2005

>>>>The client running our first Samba3 PDC production server had an uptime of 115 days, then the uptime got spoiled by them moving to a new building.
>>>I'm not quite sure what the fascination is with long uptimes. It's
>>>good to reboot the system from time to time, not because it needs it,
>>>but just to prove that you still can.
>>Here here.  I've seen it posted elsewhere and it makes a good point -
>>long uptimes show that the machine hasn't had its updates run on the
>>core OS.  Until you can find a way to reload the kernel without
>>rebooting (oxymoron) long uptimes are a mark of lazyness.
>>What I'd rather see is longest stretch of not having to be rebooted
>>between the hours of 7am and 6pm.  Unfortunately the uptime command
>>doesn't tell us that ;)
>bigger.  Something about the 99.95% uptime
>"industry standard." :-(((  Ridiculous.
I tell ya, if 99.95, or 5-9s or whatever metric you use is that 
standard, perhaps they should talk to my cable company :-P

Point somewhat taken.  I say somewhat because if you're offering that 
type of reliability guarantee (which is what it is, says nothing about 
uptime really) then you need redundancy, redundantly.  People that sell 
that kind of uptime have dual/quad/N+1 servers that they provision from 
and that fail over nicely.  People that buy that kind of service pay for 
it, one way or another.  Can't speak about telco numbers, I think you 
can buy that on your OC-X line if you want to pay enough, but I'm not 
sure how THEY do it.

I for one prefer to reboot my machines in the off hours from home and 
drive in to the office when the fertilizer hits the ventilator.  I think 
it's been 2 years since I caused some mid-day downtime on the main 
server in my particular office :-P

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