[Samba] Samba not recognizing secondary groups

Vickie L. Kidder vlkidder at TABASCO.com
Thu Jan 27 22:24:41 GMT 2005

Is the user assigned to more groups than the max allowed for the operating 
sytem?  For example, on AIX, the max groups is 32.
AIX will let you assign a user to more than 32 groups, but there may be 
some strange behavior with permissions, Samba, etc, 

Ed Holden <eholden at mclean.harvard.edu> 
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[Samba] Samba not recognizing secondary groups

Hi all.  I'm having a strange issue with a server running Samba 3.0.2a.
The server has a single share, and under that are subfolders that
contain documents.  Each subfolder is owned by a different
folder-specific group, and users belong to the groups that own the
folders to which they need access.

But suddenly one user can't access any folders.  Windows (the client)
suggests that she might not have access, Mac OS X just displays the
folders as empty, and the Samba server's logs reveal a telling
NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED error.  So I've tried to use her account to
access those shares in unSamba ways, like from the command line or via
SFTP, and everything works fnie.  Only Samba refuses to let her in.

Here's the clincher: if I make the contents of any folder universally
read/write (chmod -R o+rw foldername), the user can connect to that
folder and read the contents via Samba.  So the issue isn't that somethign
is wrong with her account, but just that Samba won't recognize any of the
secondary groups to which she belongs.  But it does recognize them for
other users.

I've seen references to this issue on the web, and apparently removing the
user from some nonessential groups helps to un-confuse Samba.  Anyone have
other solutions to (or experience with) this bug?

Ed Holden

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