[Samba] Typo in Samba-3 By Example Book, Chapter 5

John H Terpstra jht at Samba.Org
Thu Jan 27 20:39:26 GMT 2005


I have already replied to the list that this is a typo. In my reply I have 
provided guidelines for determining how many BDCs you need.

In short, Microsoft recommend at lease one NT4 BDC per 150 clients, but you 
may require more or fewer depending on the load each server has to handle.

I know of sites that have a single PDC and no BDCs with over 800 Windows 
domain member clients - and they have no problems. If your PDC or BDCs are 
doing nothing other than handling of authentication even 1000 Windows clients 
will pose NO problem - so long as they do NOT all logon at the same time.

If your PDC and/or BDCs are also acting as file servers, and you have roaming 
profiles and folder redirection with Outlook Exchange files that are accessed 
live over  the network - even one BDC per 30 clients may not be enough. It 
all depends on load and responsiveness.

I sincerely apologise for your pain. I never meant to mislead anyone. A typo 
is a typo. My advice is to follow Microsoft NT4 domain design guidelines, 
then monitor your Samba log file and client performance. 

- John T.
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