[Samba] PDC/BDC Distribution Question

Kelly S. Smelser ksmelser at uindy.edu
Thu Jan 27 19:07:11 GMT 2005

I'm looking for input from other institutions out there that are using 
the samba PDC/BDC setup.  At our institution we have the potential for 
nearly 500 network clients on our domain and we are considering 
expanding that to 1,000 clients.  According to John Terpstra in his 
Samba-3 book there should be a BDC for every 50 network clients on the 
domain.  We are currently running a solitary PDC with no BDC for our 500 
client environment and things are relatively okay.  Login times can be 
sluggish at times, but not too bad.  What kind of setup do other folks 
have out there, and what do others beside Terpstra suggest in terms of 
this PDC/BDC relationship? 


Kelly S. Smelser
Labs Manager, Client Services
University of Indianapolis

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