[Samba] new printing patch for 3.0.10 may fix the 'failure to remove print jobs from queue list display'

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jan 27 16:59:23 GMT 2005

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David Landgren wrote:
| I'm using 3.0.11pre1 (compiled on the 18th) and looking at the source
| it looks like the patch is in (printing.c is dated Jan 4 21:30).
| Printing with cups.
| I am experiencing similar behaviour. I have 40 or so users
| pounding on a number printers, and by the end of the day some
| of them show upwards of 800 jobs in queue.
| I am seeing things like "attempt to delete job 3575 not
| seen by lpr" in the logs.

Please test 3.0.11rc1 when it is released tomorrow and let
me know if you still see the issue.  That release will have
integrated all the current printing fixes.

cheers, jerry
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