[Samba] installation without logging on as administrator

zheka zheka at uvt.cz
Thu Jan 27 15:55:41 GMT 2005

Florian Effenberger wrote:

> Hello there,
> I'm quite new to software distribution, so I would like to ask you a 
> question. ;-) Is it posible to install software without logging on as 
> administrator on every machine? If yes, how does it work? Via a 
> Windows service? Via a script that is being run as admin even if a 
> normal user logs on?
> Thanks!
> Florian

Add your users to power users group or run install programs as
administrator: right_click->run_as->administrator,passwd.
It is also possible to change system policies (not trivial).

Ing. Yevheniy Demchenko
UVT s.r.o.

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