[Samba] Recycler problem

Christian Marx marx at in.tum.de
Thu Jan 27 13:47:38 GMT 2005

Hi folks,

I have Samba 3.0.10 with SuSE 9.1 running and a problem with the 
recycler feature of Samba.

Following setup:

- User A deletes file F1 in directory D
- Samba produces file .recycler/D/F1
- D has permissions -rwx------, F1 has permissions -rwxrw-r-- (owner A)
- User B deletes file F2 in directory D
- F2 doesn't show up in .recycler/D

So all files User B deletes in directory D are lost.

Any suggestions on that?

--- smb.conf


    create mask = 775
    directory mask = 0775

    vfs objects = recycle
    recycle:keeptree = Yes
    recycle:touch = Yes
    recycle:versions = Yes
    recycle:maxsize = 0
    recycle:exclude = *.tmp|~$*
    recycle:noversions = *.doc|*.xls|*.ppt


--- smb.conf end

Christian Marx

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