[Samba] Win2K. Raw CUPS printing, driver download

Indiana Epilepsy and Child Neurology BrainChild at Skyler.com
Thu Jan 27 07:51:52 GMT 2005

Just one final note: The driver on the Win2K CD doesn't support duplex
printing, but the one on the HP site for the "970 series" does.
Interface very much like the G85 driver, but this one works with

On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 22:57:55 -0500, you wrote:

>Found what looks like an acceptable workaround: the HP Deskjet 970Cse
>driver that comes with Windows 2000 seems to work OK with the G85 and
>point n print.
>On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 14:20:03 -0500, Indiana Epilepsy and Child
>Neurology <BrainChild at Skyler.com> wrote:
>>A little more information:
>>I did some extensive googling and found at least two other
>>(unresolved) reports of the same problem, with different printers.  In
>>March, somebody named "Zylo" reported this with a Canon multifunction
>>device, not using CUPS:
>>The only response was Rainer Janson reporting the same problem with
>>"all Canon image-runner-systems with canon ps drivers installed via
>>point and print".
>>I think this establishes this as a Samba bug.  It happens with
>>different spoolers, different printers, different distros, and
>>different drivers.  Samba is the only common factor.
>>The line on the first page begins like this:
>>@ ASCII-128 \\my-server\my-printer smiley diamond square
>>and ends like this:
>>smiley \\my-server\my-printer part-of-my-document-name
>>(The ASCII-128 character looks like a capital C with a tail)
>>Oddly the first letter of the server name is lowercase the first time
>>and uppercase the second time, but the first letter of the printer
>>name is upper case both times.
>>I'm beginning to think that Samba doesn't handle some behavior which
>>only a small number of Windows drivers have.  I wonder if this might
>>be a case-sensitivity issue, or maybe a CR vs CR-LF issue.
>>So far the only workaround I've found is to install the printer as
>>local on the Windows machine, then add a "local" port named
>>\\server\printer and set the printer to that port.  Unfortunately that
>>makes the form of printer name different in printer selection dialogs
>>than all the other printers shared by Samba.
>>On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 20:11:50 -0500, you wrote:
>>>On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 00:43:24 -0700, you wrote:
>>>>On Sun, 2005-01-16 at 19:35 -0500, Indiana Epilepsy and Child Neurology
>>>>> Does anyone have a suggestion?
>>>>> The only replies I got were automated vacation responses.
>>>>> On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 10:27:52 -0500, you wrote:
>>>>> >Using Debian Sarge, samba, CUPS, and an HP G85 mutifunction with HPOJ
>>>>> >to use the G85 USB connection, I've been able to get raw printing to
>>>>> >work, and Point 'n' Print driver download to work, but not at the same
>>>>> >time.
>>>>> >If I use the driver download, the output from a WordPad document with
>>>>> >just the word "test" spits out multiple pages, each being either blank
>>>>> >or just one line of garbage.  The first page has a line which begins
>>>>> >with @ and character like a capital C with a tail, then the printer
>>>>> >URL in the form \\server\printer, cut off near the end by a smiley
>>>>> >face and various other odd characters.  The URL appears to repeat near
>>>>> >the end of the line but is cut off when the printer runs out of room
>>>>> >on the right.
>>>>The first page with @PJL etc.
>>>Not seeing anything like "PJL".  Most are foreign characters or
>>>symbols, except for the printer UNC, which appears twice.
>>>> is HP's page description language coming
>>>>through and the rasterizer
>>>Raw queue; doesn't that mean no rasterizer?  Bytes go in, same bytes
>>>go out?  Maybe that's the problem: maybe queue is not so raw (slightly
>>>cooked, perhaps? ;) )
>>>>not knowing how to deal with it. My
>>>>understanding is that Samba doesn't do much with printing other than
>>>>apply ACL's and pass through to the cups facility. In fact, I'm not sure
>>>>that this is a samba question/problem at all.
>>>Samba shouldn't do anything much (other than reassembling the data
>>>after decoding the smb), and neither should CUPS when configured with
>>>a raw queue.  Since the raw queue works with a manually installed
>>>Windows driver, but not with the one uploaded to Windows by Samba, my
>>>thinking is Samba is doing something wrong, either in how it supports
>>>the driver upload, or how it handles the smb.  I know little about
>>>smb, but being a network protocol, it is the logical place to expect a
>>>printer UNC to be removed.
>>>Here's the difference between what works and what doesn't:
>>>Right click the shared printer and choose connect, and a printer
>>>appears in the local machine's "Printers" folder.  Use it and you get
>>>garbage out.  Look at its Properties page, Ports tab, you see "Samba
>>>Printer Port".  Of course to do this I had to first configure Samba to
>>>provide the driver upload.
>>>Install the same printer driver using the local "Printers" folder's
>>>"Add Printer" wizard, then in its Properties page, Ports tab, choose
>>>"Add Port", click "Local Port", then "New Port", then enter the
>>>printer UNC and OK everything.  Use it and it works.
>>>So what exactly is the difference between these two ways of using the
>>>same Samba share?
>>>Don Stauffer, Office Manager
>>>Indiana Epilepsy and Child Neurology, Inc.
>>Don Stauffer, Office Manager
>>Indiana Epilepsy and Child Neurology, Inc.
>Don Stauffer, Office Manager
>Indiana Epilepsy and Child Neurology, Inc.

Don Stauffer, Office Manager
Indiana Epilepsy and Child Neurology, Inc.

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