[Samba] samba with sun's ldap

cj corey at tt.com.au
Thu Jan 27 05:56:44 GMT 2005

Hello there

I'm also trying to get Sun Directory Server 5.1 (from Solaris9) to work 
with Samba 3.

I've loaded the DS5 schema file (from Samba 3.0.10) into Sun DS5, 
however when
Windows attempts to authenticate against Samba, Samba seems to be 
sending an invalid
request off to the Sun LDAP server:

[27/Jan/2005:12:22:39 +1100] - Entry 
"sambaDomainName=TESTDOMAIN,dc=our,dc=company,dc=com" -- attribute 
"objectClass" not allowed

It seems like Samba is sending a fundamentally invalid request off to 
the LDAP server?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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