[Samba] Excel files & file modification time - VALIDATION

plaurent at Wabtec.com plaurent at Wabtec.com
Wed Jan 26 19:27:50 GMT 2005

More testing, and your other validations are correct. Installed
3.0.11pre2 on a clean box, with our production configurations. The
following was verified to function correctly with Excel (open file,
close file, copy file, move file):

  path = /data/test
  comment = Stuff
  writable = yes
  browseable = no
  valid users = @"DOMAIN\RFPAdmins"
  write list = @"DOMAIN\RFPAdmins"
  force create mode = 0777
  force directory mode = 0777
  vfs objects = recycle
  recycle:keeptree = yes
  recycle:touch = yes
  recycle:exclude = ?~$*,~$*,*.tmp,*.temp,*.TMP
  recycle:repository = My Network Recycle Bin

Time to look at the prod box, as it is not behaving...

Expected release timeframe of 3.0.11?

Many Thanks in advance for your efforts!


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On Wed, Jan 26, 2005 at 11:50:11AM -0500, plaurent at Wabtec.com wrote:
> Hey folks -
> I saw that thread, looked through the release notes, and tried the
fixes mentioned, but nothing seemed to work. Does anyone know if the
Excel issues will be fixed anytime soon? I've got Engineers here who are
not happy about modified times that change when files are accessed.

The Excel issues are fixed in 3.0.11pre2. I have had multiple reports
that this fixes the problem.


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