[Samba] winbind and distribution groups

Peter Kruse pk at q-leap.com
Wed Jan 26 16:37:03 GMT 2005

Hello all!

Say, I create a "distribution group" on Windows ADS named
"distgroup" add as a member a security group named "secgroup" with a
user "robert" in it. Then when I look at the groups "robert" belongs
to, the group "distgroup" is not listed (checked with "wbinfo -r").
Even after "winbind cache time" has long expired ;)

The problem comes when I want to set ACLs to group "distgroup",
then "robert" has no access.

I haven't seen a bug report or any other mail concerning
"distribution groups" so I don't think this is a known issue.
But the question is: is winbind supposed to support groups in
"distribution groups"?
If yes, what do I have to do to make it work here as well?

This is with version 3.0.10 and 3.0.7 (haven't had the
chance to check other versions).



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