[Samba] A Samba's very basic problem

Fábio Soares soaresfabm at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 15:09:58 GMT 2005

Hi everyone!

I'm troubled in such a very simple problem I think.
I've setup a samba server (version 2.0.7) in a linux machine (distro
conectiva 6.0).

I've configured the global, homes and printers sections correctly, or
at least it seems to be. I've also added my other shared resources in
the smb.conf file.

Then  when I start samba server, I can see the netbios name of my
server (\\PRINTERSERVER2\)from some computers (with windows) on the
network, but on some computers I can't. In the first case which I can
see my server (\\PRINTERSERVER2\), there is another problem: I can't
browse into its shares, even if I give the my username's correct
password I've added using smbpasswd and smbuser.  Note: I'm using
Windows 2000 Server to access my samba server.

Since I've put a 'guest ok = Yes' parameter in my share's secton in
the smb.conf file, I could have access to my resource with no
password. But when I insert a blank username and a blank password,  a
message box just appear on my screen saying: "the network name was not
found", or something like that;

actually I just can't browse to my samba server :,( 

If I don't solve this problem I may lose my job! please any help,
suggestions will be very greatly appreciated.
I attach my smb.conf's file and a section from the samba log.
Thanks for the opportunity.

and sorry 'bout my english if it is hard to understand, I've never
stepped outside my country.

Fabio Mendes Soares
Computing Engineer

ps: I've seen that the /root/tmp permissions are supposed to be allright 777

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