[Samba] access denied with samba share

Alexander Bub al.bub at web.de
Wed Jan 26 14:57:22 GMT 2005

I had the same problem as well and finally found a solution.

Some additional notices:

- I can access subdirectories of the share, e.g. attempting to access
   \\server\share gives "access denied", \\server\share\data works.
- Other XP Pro clients do not have this problem.
- The problem does not occur with a share served by Samba 2.2.3a.
- The problem does not occur after booting XP in Safe Mode with Networking.

I'm using SUSE Linux 9.2 german and Samba Version 3.0.2a-SUSE.

Then I finally found another client suddenly suffering from the same
problem. The user had just installed Panda Antivirus, et voilá: Turning
off the "permanent protection" feature (or deinstalling Panda) helped.
It seems that the error exists at least since version 3.02.04, which is
called "Titanium 2004".

Because this is an older thread, I include both previous messages.
Please excuse me if this should violate any rules.


On Sun Aug 1 17:42:38 GMT 2004, Lupe Christoph wrote:
>> I can see the shares, I can map, for example, the J:
>> drive to "shared", but cannot switch to it by typing:
>> "J: enter".
> I'm having the same problem. Let me add what I found out:
> 1) I can access the share with smbclient from Linux. In fact, the
>    machine that is also the server.
> 2) When I share the C drive from a Win98SE machine read-only, I can
>    access it from the WinXP Pro machine.
> 3) When I share that drive read-write with an empty password, WinXP can
>    also use.
> 4) As soon as I set a password for that share, I have the same problem
>    I have with the Samba shares.
> 5) Deinstalling the most recent patches from Win XP did not give me that
>    access back.
> 6) When I tcpdump the Samba connection, I see just one request and one
>    reply, With an error STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED. I'm attaching the request
>    and the response, as decoded by Ethereal.
> 7) I see nothing in the Samba traces the hints to the cause of the
>    problem. But I'm no Samba Guru.
> I conclude that this is *not* a Samba problem. It must be caused by
> something on the Win XP side. That something causes it to fail to
> authenticate.

On Sunday, 2004-08-01 at 10:26:49 -0700, chad work wrote:
> Hello Samba group,
> Problem:
> I cannot get samba share to grant access to my /shared
> share.  I created it, gave the linux user permissions
> and tested them, my Windows XP Pro sees the share, I
> can map a drive to it, but I cannot change to it:
> Access denied is the error I get.  I'm logged into
> Windows XP as the same user ID and password as on the
> Linux system.
> I had a problem when accessing the share at first with
> Windows prompting me for a userID and password, but I
> did the smbpasswd command, and got that working.  Then
> I could see the shares.
> I can see the shares, I can map, for example, the J:
> drive to "shared", but cannot switch to it by typing:
> "J: enter".
> Testparm has no errors.  Here are the results:
> [...]
> I'm using samba 3.0.5-2 on Fedora Core 2, and Windows
> XP Pro sp1, all tcp/ip.
> -Chad

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