[Samba] Inherit permissions question (Please help)

David Wilson dave at dcdata.co.za
Wed Jan 26 09:26:04 GMT 2005

Hi Craig,

Thanks for your reply.
My suggestions for using a preexec script is a sort of "last resort" option. 
I could rather configure a job in cron that checks permissions.
Ideally I need the "inherit permissions" option but with the ability to also 
include user & group ownership. To get this done samba would require root 
privileges  to change the ownership of files to that of the parent folder - 
which probably wouldn't be a good idea ?

Thanks for your help so far.
Any assistance/input would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards
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> Am I the only one that thinks it's a terrible idea? When I need to make
> changes to user profiles, I use things like...
> logon script
> perl/shell script updates on actual samba server
> but I suppose that you could have a 'pre-exec' script that changes the
> ownership of all files in a person's profile be changed upon login.
> Craig
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