[Samba] ACL not working

Adi Nugraha adi at westindo.co.id
Wed Jan 26 01:49:26 GMT 2005

No, I'm trying to set an file security from windows, I'd like to have a per
user security access, something like user1 & user2 RW rights, and user3 read
only, and deny all others, I know it can be done through a group or
something but, if you have a lot of files and a lot of user, there would be
too many groups for each user, don't realy want to that,

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> Are you trying to get windows Domain accounts to be able to access Samba
> shares?
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> Hi
> I want to set Security to single file, but I keep getting access denied, I
> can change the Permissions that is alreday displayed, but I can add any
> or group, after redaing the samba how to it seems I need POSIX ACL, but
> book didn't mention anything about how to use POSIX ACL, Trying to set it
> from windows doesn't work, can anyone point me to document about POSIX ACL
> BTW I'm using mandrake 10.0 and samba with ldap backend
> thanks
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