[Samba] Problems with cups and samba

Martin Schmidt martin.schmidt at jielo.de
Wed Jan 26 00:46:00 GMT 2005


I have updated my samba to "Version 3.0.9-2.1-SUSE" (running on SuSE 9.2) and 
cups to ? (I could not find out, it is the version delivered with SuSE 9.2).
Before that I worked with Samba 2.2x and LPRNG.

Everyone can do printing, but my clients with Win98 see all the jobs that have 
ever been printed since I installed new when they open the printer-window, 
they cannot access any of the jobs. It is not a drama, but it is not 

On the W2k/XP clients You do not see any print jobs, but the frameline of the 
printer window shows "Could not connect - access denied" (or similar, I see 
only the german text and tryed to translate). It is also not a big problem, 
but since I am the "linux-person" in our company I get some nasty remarks 
every day, so I want to get rid of it.

I have been searching around for a while now, but found only the same 
questions I have with no answer.

mit freundlichen Grüßen

Martin Schmidt

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