[Samba] 'security = ads' & 'valid users ='

Ryan Frantz RyanFrantz at informed-llc.com
Tue Jan 25 19:03:59 GMT 2005

I will be upgrading my Samba server from 2.2.8a to 3.0.10.  I currently
have security set to 'share' and plan on migrating to 'ads' for improved
authentication.  I have one snag, though...

I have remote users who reside in and are managed by a Windows domain
that is not in my control.  There is no trust relationship at all.  If I
use 'ads' security, can I add a 'valid users' line for shares they need
to access?  So that when they fail domain authentication, Samba would
check against UNIX accounts I set up specifically for those (2) users...

Example smb.conf:

  security = ads

  comment = share for local users
  path = /some/path/share1

  comment = share for remote users
  path = /some/path/share2
  valid users = fred,barney


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