[Samba] Re: SAMBA + OPENLDAP - Getent - Please help :)

Choudary Mumtaz asadmumtaz1 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 25 17:13:37 GMT 2005

        I am not able to download the attached file. May you please send me another copy? Also, I have switched to nss_ldap-207-2.i386.rpm and now I get a segmentation error when I do
getent --service=ldap passwd
        May someone please point me to the right direction?
Thank you.

Tony Earnshaw <tonye at billy.demon.nl> wrote:
Jim C.:

> |>Yes. I have followed the instructions from the book, and I have also
> ...
> | will cost you both time and sweat .(
> Heck, I'd be ecstatic if I could just get a schema file patch for
> posixGroups that appropriately support dn syntax.

For me the standard Openldap nis.schema (posix) and samba3 schema work
o.k. - of did I have to change the samba3 schema? My working one's


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