[Samba] same profile for all users

Ilia Chipitsine ilia at paramon.ru
Tue Jan 25 05:55:33 GMT 2005

> Florian Effenberger:
>> is it possible to have the same profile for some users (or a group of
>> users) without having to use a separate profile directory for each user?
>> I would like to set up a pre-defined mandatory profile for a school with
>> more than 1,000 students. Each student should have the same, unchangeable
>> profile. Is it possible to run it out of one profile directory? If yes,
>> how?
> Isn't this described very fully in Inge-H?vard Hunstad's contribution to
> "But I don't use LDAP".
> Never mind, that's where it's described, more or less at the end. Mind
> you, you're apparently going to have to do "more than 1,000" regedits, but
> that's the joy of Windows. Maybe there's an automated method ...

other ways are:

1) pdbedit backend also allows store separate profile for each user

2) nt4 style policies (instead of massive registry editing), have a look 

ldap is actually the most simple way of doing such things.

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