[Samba] Inherit permissions question (Please help)

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Jan 24 13:53:00 GMT 2005

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David Wilson wrote:

|>> If the administrator connects to \\server\userprofile\user1 and
|>> writes a file named "test.txt" into the directory the permissions
|>> from the directory "user1" are not propagated down to the new file.
|>> My permissions on the "user1" directory are set as follows:
|>> drwx----- 16 user1     users     4096 2005-01-21       user1/
|>> The file "test.txt" gets written with the following permissions:
|>> -rw------ 16 root     Domain Admins     0 2005-01-21  07:07     test.txt
|>> Any ideas on how I get samba to write it so that the owner of the
|>> folder propagates to new files written into the folder even if a
|>> domain admin writes them there ?

Inherit permissions set file bits not the owner.  You might
have more luck with the 'force user' option.  But be careful
of granting more access than you intend.

cheers, jerry
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