[Samba] SWAT status page

Hamish lists at subvs.co.uk
Mon Jan 24 13:17:50 GMT 2005

Hamish wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I have not used SWAT for quite a while, and there have been upgrades 
> since last using it (currently running on 3.0.10-SUSE on a SuSE 9.0 i386 
> box). It logs on fine, but it displays the status of smbd incorrectly: 
> even though it is running, it displays not running. All the connections, 
> shares and files are shown correctly in the status page, and I can 
> verify that smbd is running with smbstatus (and the fact that my phone 
> is quiet!).
> I read an older post that said it may have something to do with not 
> connecting by the samba boxes netbios name, but I have tried with its 
> netbios name, its aliases and its IP, all of them show smbd as not running.
> Some background:
> I have added an A record for the samba box (some linux boxes could not 
> reach it by netbios) - so I think the name is resolved with DNS rather 
> than netbios, could this be the problem? Also, could any upgrades have 
> been the problem (they have been done with SuSE rpms, once with sernet), 
> maybe its using slightly different files or links?
> Thanks for any suggestions!
> H
Obviously not a common error then! I have found that clicking "Start 
smbd" tries to start another smbd, but fails. This appears in the log:

ERROR: smbd is already running. File /var/run/samba/smbd.pid exists and 
process id 28315 is running.

Is there any way I can point swat to the right pid (or however it gets 
the status of the services)?
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