[Samba] Re: Access denied changing file attributes

Beschorner Daniel Daniel.Beschorner at facton.com
Sun Jan 23 22:33:36 GMT 2005

Strange, the "admin users" line should give to you full root access to the
share, so "access denied" is quite impossible.
Did you restart smbd after inserting the line?
Maybe something basically broken...?!?
Next idea is a look to the log.smbd at log level 10.
Can you send it to me per mail?


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An: Beschorner Daniel
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Betreff: Re: Access denied changing file attributes

No change whatsoever :) Are there any other possible problems?

Thanks in advance,

Max Bolingbroke

Beschorner Daniel wrote:

>Try adding "admin users = mbolingbroke" to the share und try again.
>>For a sample file that I am trying to change the
>>attributes of. Since Samba should be authenticating
>>me as mbolingbroke, I don't think this is the problem.

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