[Samba] Win2K. Raw CUPS printing, driver download

Indiana Epilepsy and Child Neurology BrainChild at Skyler.com
Sun Jan 23 21:08:05 GMT 2005

Trying to investigate this some more, I would like to have Samba  send
the output to a file, rather than pass it to CUPS, so I can look at
the file; or, prevent CUPS from deleting its spool file.

Is there a way to do this?

On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 14:20:03 -0500, Indiana Epilepsy and Child
Neurology <BrainChild at Skyler.com> wrote:

>A little more information:
>I did some extensive googling and found at least two other
>(unresolved) reports of the same problem, with different printers.  In
>March, somebody named "Zylo" reported this with a Canon multifunction
>device, not using CUPS:
>The only response was Rainer Janson reporting the same problem with
>"all Canon image-runner-systems with canon ps drivers installed via
>point and print".
>I think this establishes this as a Samba bug.  It happens with
>different spoolers, different printers, different distros, and
>different drivers.  Samba is the only common factor.
>The line on the first page begins like this:
>@ ASCII-128 \\my-server\my-printer smiley diamond square
>and ends like this:
>smiley \\my-server\my-printer part-of-my-document-name
>(The ASCII-128 character looks like a capital C with a tail)
>Oddly the first letter of the server name is lowercase the first time
>and uppercase the second time, but the first letter of the printer
>name is upper case both times.
>I'm beginning to think that Samba doesn't handle some behavior which
>only a small number of Windows drivers have.  I wonder if this might
>be a case-sensitivity issue, or maybe a CR vs CR-LF issue.
>So far the only workaround I've found is to install the printer as
>local on the Windows machine, then add a "local" port named
>\\server\printer and set the printer to that port.  Unfortunately that
>makes the form of printer name different in printer selection dialogs
>than all the other printers shared by Samba.
>On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 20:11:50 -0500, you wrote:
>>On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 00:43:24 -0700, you wrote:
>>>On Sun, 2005-01-16 at 19:35 -0500, Indiana Epilepsy and Child Neurology
>>>> Does anyone have a suggestion?
>>>> The only replies I got were automated vacation responses.
>>>> On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 10:27:52 -0500, you wrote:
>>>> >Using Debian Sarge, samba, CUPS, and an HP G85 mutifunction with HPOJ
>>>> >to use the G85 USB connection, I've been able to get raw printing to
>>>> >work, and Point 'n' Print driver download to work, but not at the same
>>>> >time.
>>>> >If I use the driver download, the output from a WordPad document with
>>>> >just the word "test" spits out multiple pages, each being either blank
>>>> >or just one line of garbage.  The first page has a line which begins
>>>> >with @ and character like a capital C with a tail, then the printer
>>>> >URL in the form \\server\printer, cut off near the end by a smiley
>>>> >face and various other odd characters.  The URL appears to repeat near
>>>> >the end of the line but is cut off when the printer runs out of room
>>>> >on the right.
>>>The first page with @PJL etc.
>>Not seeing anything like "PJL".  Most are foreign characters or
>>symbols, except for the printer UNC, which appears twice.
>>> is HP's page description language coming
>>>through and the rasterizer
>>Raw queue; doesn't that mean no rasterizer?  Bytes go in, same bytes
>>go out?  Maybe that's the problem: maybe queue is not so raw (slightly
>>cooked, perhaps? ;) )
>>>not knowing how to deal with it. My
>>>understanding is that Samba doesn't do much with printing other than
>>>apply ACL's and pass through to the cups facility. In fact, I'm not sure
>>>that this is a samba question/problem at all.
>>Samba shouldn't do anything much (other than reassembling the data
>>after decoding the smb), and neither should CUPS when configured with
>>a raw queue.  Since the raw queue works with a manually installed
>>Windows driver, but not with the one uploaded to Windows by Samba, my
>>thinking is Samba is doing something wrong, either in how it supports
>>the driver upload, or how it handles the smb.  I know little about
>>smb, but being a network protocol, it is the logical place to expect a
>>printer UNC to be removed.
>>Here's the difference between what works and what doesn't:
>>Right click the shared printer and choose connect, and a printer
>>appears in the local machine's "Printers" folder.  Use it and you get
>>garbage out.  Look at its Properties page, Ports tab, you see "Samba
>>Printer Port".  Of course to do this I had to first configure Samba to
>>provide the driver upload.
>>Install the same printer driver using the local "Printers" folder's
>>"Add Printer" wizard, then in its Properties page, Ports tab, choose
>>"Add Port", click "Local Port", then "New Port", then enter the
>>printer UNC and OK everything.  Use it and it works.
>>So what exactly is the difference between these two ways of using the
>>same Samba share?
>>Don Stauffer, Office Manager
>>Indiana Epilepsy and Child Neurology, Inc.
>Don Stauffer, Office Manager
>Indiana Epilepsy and Child Neurology, Inc.

Don Stauffer, Office Manager
Indiana Epilepsy and Child Neurology, Inc.

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