[Samba] change settings in all profiles

Florian Effenberger floeff at arcor.de
Sun Jan 23 17:14:38 GMT 2005

Hello list,

I have successfully set up my Samba domain with profile management and 
now have a Default User profile. When I create a new user and log on for 
the first time, I have the pre-defined profile as a template, so 
necessary changes only need to be made in one profile.

That is great, however, I have a question. If, after some time, I want 
to add something to all profiles (for example: a registry setting, a 
shortcut on the desktop, etc.), what is the best way to do this? 
Deleting all profiles and let them rebuild with a new Default User 
profile is no option, since I don't want to destroy the users personal 

Is there no other way than scripting, i.e. placing something in the 
netlogon.bat file? Or is there a trick?


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