[Samba] IP address versus Hostname

Matthew Easton info at sublunar.com
Sun Jan 23 07:24:41 GMT 2005

On Saturday 22 January 2005 22:18, Michael Vega wrote:
> I am using: SuSE 8 and Samba 3 and kernel 2.4.  SAMBA
> has joined the Windows ADS environment correctly.  But
> here is my issue.  If I  enter the HostName of the
> SAMBA server from a Windows 2000 PC I get the Incorret
> Password or Unknown User pop up but if I enter the IP
> address, I have no issue I can see the SAMBA shares.
> I have googled around and have  seen this question
> posted but no resolution, please advice.  Thank you.
> Michael

The active directory domain controller is also handling DNS for the domain.  

A windows client will dynamically update its entry in the DNS server's 
configuration when it joins the domain and every time it gets a new IP from 

The linux box running samba doesn't know anything about dynamic DNS update.  

Manually enter the samba server's name and static IP address in the windows 

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