[Samba] Samba Issue on Win XP to Linux Machine

Kevin Barry kfbarry at verizon.net
Sat Jan 22 21:51:28 GMT 2005

I have mixed network of Mac OSX / Win XP / Linux. I can browse the Mac from
the WinXP machine but on double clicking the icon for the Linux machine from
XP I get the message:

\\Explorer is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this
newwork resource. Contact the administrator of this server ot fine out if
you have access permissions. The network path was not found. 

I also cannot access Linux from the Mac, again I see the icon for Explorer
(linux machine) but I get a similar error "The alias "Explorer" could not be
opened, because the original item cannot be found.

Samba is running on the linux box, the same account name and password exists
on all 3 machines and the linux box has ports 137-139 open outbound.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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