[Samba] Strange problems with samba-3.0.7-5&In-Reply-To=

Ken Jackson j980 at comcast.net
Fri Jan 21 19:06:10 GMT 2005

I have a similar problem with samba-3.0.6-4.3.100mdk on Makdrake
Linux 10.0.

But it only affects my USB harddrive.  It's line in /etc/fstab
looks like this:

none /mnt/backup supermount dev=/dev/sda1,fs=ext2:vfat,--,umask=0,...

I just moved the relevant data to my main harddrive and stopped
trying to use the USB drive with samba.

-Ken Jackson

 > I experience strange problems with samba-3.0.7-5 running on SuSE 
 > Linux 9.2. Clients are windows 98 and windows 2000.
 > The clients can browse through the samba share without problems. But 
 > if a client tries to create or copy a file onto the share, windows 
 > says: "the file cannot be created, because it already exists" (in 
 > fact the file doesn't exist!). After this, an empty file (0 bytes) 
 > with the right name was created on the share.
 > Deletion of a file on the share leads to an error ("the file cannot 
 > be found"), but the file is deleted anyway.

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