[Samba] Netlogon scripts

Arno Seidel a.seidel at ehotel.ag
Fri Jan 21 13:25:42 GMT 2005

Hi Simon,

thanks... for that hints...

Simon Hobson schrieb:

> Arno Seidel wrote:
>> maybe i missed a hint on google, but i didn´t find
>> a answer to following question:
>> is it possible to cascade the logon scripts...?
>> for example:
>> there is a standard script for all client-pc´s called: netlogon.bat
>> and in addition there is for some client-pc´s a
>> additional script called by the %m switch in smb.conf
> No, but you can 'roll your own' ...
> There are several techniques you can use :
> 1) Use pre-exec to run a server based script and generate a per-user 
> (or per machine) logon script at each logon. You then have access to 
> everything the host (Linux/Unix) system knows about the user/machine.
> 2) Use the basic batch file commands to test for various things and 
> call other batch files as required - search the archives for 
> ifmember.exe which is useful for this. You then have every 
> machine/user use a common logon.bat and take runtime decisions on what 
> to do.
> 3) Use a client side scripting environment such as Kixtart and write 
> much more complex scripts.
> Simon

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