[Samba] Logon hours

David Wilson dave at dcdata.co.za
Fri Jan 21 09:02:27 GMT 2005

Hi guys,

Another quick question:
I'm running Samba-3.0.9 with an LDAP backend.
User logon restrictions, in terms of allowed logon hours are set by using 
NT's "User Manager.exe" which connects to the Samba controlled domain.
The restrictions appear to work OK except when there are multiple rules for 
the logon hours.
Logon restrictions work pefectly if the logon time is: 13:00-17:00, but not 
when there is more than one 'rule' e.g. 13:00-14:00 and 15:00-17:00.
As soon as there is more than one rule users cannot log on and if I try to 
use smbclient I get something like and error like INVALID_LOGON_HOURS.

Any ideas ?
Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards
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