[Samba] Samba SID

Mika Syvänen mika.syvanen at kolumbus.fi
Fri Jan 21 05:22:23 GMT 2005


We have Samba PDC (samba 3.09 rhel3u4)
I transvered user account, group and computer  from NT PDC. (one domain)
Samba PDC use ldapsam (openldap).

net rpc join -S NT4S -W MEGANET -U Administrator%not24get
net rpc vampire -S NT4S

In smbldap-toos config file (smbldap-tools.conf) is
domain sid is from command:   net getlocalsid

Now I have tow differend sid
1.) users and group data is sid from smbldap-tools.conf (local sid) and
2.) samba domain sid  (samba domain name) potentially from NT PDC

This is ok ?
Must I change SIDs to same or make other commands ?



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