[Samba] Inherit permissions question

David Wilson dave at dcdata.co.za
Fri Jan 21 05:17:22 GMT 2005

Hi guys,

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We have a share named [userprofile] on our Samba-3.0.9 server where each 
users' profile is stored.
Fairly often a user which is not the user that owns the profile i.e and 
admin, needs to copy files into other users' profile folders.
The problem which then arises is that the user who owns the profile is 
unable to access the new files, due to the UNIX permissions being set to the 
person who copied the files into the directory.
I've looked through the smb.conf and found the "inherit permissions" 
parameter and tried it but cannot seem to get it to work ?

In my smb.conf for the [userprofile] share I have the following:
path = /data/userprofile
read only = no
guest ok = yes
profile acls = yes
browseable = no
csc policy = disable
share modes = no
inherit permissions = yes

If the administrator connects to \\server\userprofile\user1 and writes a 
file named "test.txt" into the directory the permissions from the directory 
"user1" are not propagated down to the new file.
My permissions on the "user1" directory are set as follows:
drwx----- 16 user1     users     4096 2005-01-21       user1/

The file "test.txt" gets written with the following permissions:
-rw------ 16 root     Domain Admins     0 2005-01-21  07:07     test.txt

Any ideas on how I get samba to write it so that the owner of the folder 
propagates to new files written into the folder even if a domain admin 
writes them there ?

Many thanks.

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