[Samba] Netbios Aliases and %L and port 445

David Loudon dsl2006 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 04:03:19 GMT 2005

Running v3.0.2a-SUSE, joined to AD, all clients are XP.SP2

When smb.conf has "smb ports = 139", then %L is populated with the
appropriate netbios alias name as selected by the end user, and
everything works as expected.

When "smb ports = 445" or is not specified, then %L is populated with
the host name instead of the alias name.  Is there a code patch for %L
or an undocumented %parm to use instead to get the alias name as
selected by the client (not the hosting server name)??

The reason I ask is because Netbios is still responding to the alias
name, and an Ethereal sniff of simple traffic "Net View \\samba-alias"
(after an NBTstat - R) when "smb ports = 445" seems to show the alias
name still being used back & forth to the Samba box, and Samba itself
is resolving the alias name (I don't have Disable Netbios=yes).  
Therefore, isn't there some way for Samba to internally pick this up
and populate %L correctly?

Thx in advance.

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