[Samba] Please help me decipher a two-packet NetBT conversation...

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jan 20 18:00:37 GMT 2005

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David Black wrote:
| My clients are Windows XP SP1 and SP2, members of a Samba-PDC NT domain
| (tested 3.0.7 and 3.0.10, same result).    Attached is ethereal output
| of a two packet client-server exchange that takes place when an offline
| files sync is done.   SP1 quickly does this exchange twice - first
| broadcast, then unicast (as attached) and goes on its way.  SP2 tries,
| pauses many seconds, tries again, finally giving up and completing the
| sync.
| Basically the client is attempting a SAM logon request with an empty
| user name.  Samba responds with user unknown.   Even at high log levels,
| I get nothing in the Samba logs.   I found one other reference to this
| sort of issue, on an earlier Samba list post in 2002, then a follow-up
| in 8/04, both unanswered.

This is the correct response based on my memory of the
network traffic.  You could be running down the wrong trail
here.  I haven't dug in to the offline caching support
so I can't comment on that too much.  But the response code
in your trace was right as far as I know.

cheers, jerry
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