[Samba] Active Directory integration - where to go next??

Gibbs, Simon simon.gibbs at informa.com
Thu Jan 20 15:59:44 GMT 2005


I think I've hit a bit of a brick wall with integrating Samba and Active
Directory and aren't sure which direction I should go - I've had a look
through the How-To and this made me doubt myself even more.

At the moment I've configured a Samba domain member to authenticate users
against AD. wbinfo and getent both correctly produce user/groups lists from
AD and test shares/ACL's are working OK.

But should I be storing the mapped Windows user ID's in some kind of DB? Ie
LDAP or tdbsam?

My aim is to have a second Samba member that will act as a failover. How
would this affect the user mappings? I think I read somewhere that each box
would map the Windows users separately, so they may not have identical UID's
- which would in turn cause problems with permissions and ACL's.
Is this the case?? If so do I need to create a single repository to store
the user mappings that both Samba members use? Again how does this work??
And how does this get updated when new users are added to AD?

Thanks for your time - I'm getting a bit frustrated and need a push in the
right direction.


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