[Samba] What happens when a windows client joins a domain ?

Frederic Olivie alf at club.fr
Thu Jan 20 14:55:37 GMT 2005


I know this is not tipically a samba question, but I thought maybe someone here would have the proper technical expertise to answer.

My goal is to reinstall frequently 80 workstations under Windows XP. In intend to use ghost for this.

Maybe my approach is totally wrong, but I figured that the easiest way to not mess-up with the PDC would be to backup whatever is needed on the workstations, multicast ghost them, and then, using a script, restore the domain credentials at first boot.

First, I supposed that backing up and restoring the SID and the name of the workstation might be enough, but there must be something else.

Hence my question : what happens ? So, what would I have to backup/restore so that the PDC would think that the box never left the domain and will always "see" it exactly the same even after "reinstalling" ?

Thanks a lot for any answer (or link) you might provide.

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