[Samba] Migrating from Windows 2000 Server to Samba

Piers Kittel piersk at bda.org.uk
Thu Jan 20 11:47:49 GMT 2005


I'm aiming to migrate a few Windows 2000 Server boxes to Linux with Samba and I would like to check what Samba can do before actually comitting myself to this idea.  There are a few servers, all located in different locations, connected to one central server.  The remote servers contains files only, and the central server controls internet access and has Exchange installed on.

Currently, when I log in one computer, I have access to the local server's hard drive, Outlook is set up to access the Exchange server located in the central server.  I do my work, and then move to a different computer, log in, and everything's similar to what I had before, Outlook is already set up, I have the same access to the files.  I then move to a different office, log in and it's as if I've never changed computers - even the Outlook bar has been disabled and stuff.  Would similar be possible using Samba along with Exim and a range of email clients - i.e. if I log in, I don't have to set up email each time?

Also can Samba send logon scripts to the computer for it to execute?

Thanks very much for your help in advance

Cheers - Piers

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