[Samba] SWAT status page

Hamish lists at subvs.co.uk
Thu Jan 20 09:55:07 GMT 2005

Hello everyone

I have not used SWAT for quite a while, and there have been upgrades 
since last using it (currently running on 3.0.10-SUSE on a SuSE 9.0 i386 
box). It logs on fine, but it displays the status of smbd incorrectly: 
even though it is running, it displays not running. All the connections, 
shares and files are shown correctly in the status page, and I can 
verify that smbd is running with smbstatus (and the fact that my phone 
is quiet!).

I read an older post that said it may have something to do with not 
connecting by the samba boxes netbios name, but I have tried with its 
netbios name, its aliases and its IP, all of them show smbd as not running.

Some background:
I have added an A record for the samba box (some linux boxes could not 
reach it by netbios) - so I think the name is resolved with DNS rather 
than netbios, could this be the problem? Also, could any upgrades have 
been the problem (they have been done with SuSE rpms, once with sernet), 
maybe its using slightly different files or links?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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