[Samba] admin privileges on a single domain machine

John Schmerold john at katy.com
Wed Jan 19 16:17:39 GMT 2005

We assume the local machine is insecure. We put following in system 
login script:

\\fs1\sys\public\cpau /profile /u administrator /p publicpw /ex "net 
localgroup administrators domain\%username% /add"

This batch file has the effect of adding the domain user to local 
machine's administrator group, keeps things working well.

cpau can be downloaded from: http://www.joeware.net/win/free/tools/cpau.htm

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Daniel Wilson wrote:

> You must add the user's account to the local administrators group. This
> cant be done in LDAP as i believe.
> Right click on "My Computer", then manage>users and group>groups>right
> click on administrator>add>etc...
> Mario Ohnewald wrote:
>> Hello List!
>> I have a ldap based samba pdc with a few windows xp prof clients and 
>> a few
>> user accounts.
>> All the users have Domain User permissions.
>> Is it possible to give a Domain User admin privileges on a single box?
>> Lets say i have Machine A, B, C and D. Then user Foo should have normal
>> Domain User Priviles when he logs into A, B and C. BUT when he logs into
>> Machine D, he should have admin privileges.
>> Is that somehow possible?
>> Thanks, Mario

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