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n r ynr59 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 19 15:38:44 GMT 2005


I try to manage a printer (Apple Lawerwriter 16/600 ) with cups but without 
succes !!!

with cups web interface :

I "add a printer":
device = LPD/LPR Host or Printer
URI= lpd://mymachine/lp
Type= Apple
Model = Apple LaserWriter16/600 Foomatic/Postscript (Recommended)(en)

I try to print a testpage but without succes

- 'mymachine' is either in my dns and my /etc/hosts file
- no problem with " ping myprinter"
- no problem with " telnet myprinter 515"
- no problem with 'settings of myprinter"

             LaserWriter 16/600 PS
         TCP/IP Interface Information

    Interface Status        : Ready
    PostScript Banner Page  : Disabled
    IP Address              : xxx.yyy.zzz.aa
    Subnet Mask             :
    Default Gateway         : xxx.yyy.zzz.bb
    Timeout Checking        : Enabled
    Ethernet Address        : 09:01:08:05:7D:99

- but when I add myprinter and try to print a testpage, (loglevel debug ))
I have :
Remote host did not respond with command status byte after 300 seconds!

is there someone to  help me?


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