[Samba] Free space calculation gets it wrong

Alexander Skwar listen at alexander.skwar.name
Wed Jan 19 13:14:53 GMT 2005

Thomas M. Skeren III schrieb:

>  I don't think Windows 
> can understand how a directory on a "drive" can be larger than the 
> "drive" itself.

I disagree.

On Windows XP (and 2000?), you can "mount" a local drive in a
directory. This means, that C:\Appl can be a complete partition.
Suppose that the partition holding C:\ is 2GiB small. Suppose
that a new partition has 50GiB left. If you mount that new
partition in C:\Appl, you've got the situation that the
directory C:\Appl is larger than the drive holding C:.

Alexander Skwar
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