[Samba] windows problem with samba

=?gb2312?B?wunRqfLUKEFuZGVycyBNYSk=?= ama at cameo.com.cn
Wed Jan 19 01:57:22 GMT 2005

  Now I have tow computers, one is RH9 linux  , the other is windows =
2000. I have configed samba 3.0.7  running on  linux, so  windows could =
share linux computer's files.
But there's a problem :  when windows using network neighborhood connect =
 linux samba server, I login into a folder using account and password =
for this folder,  windows will
remember this account and password,  and now I couldn't login into =
another folder using account and password for that folder until I use =
"net use * /del" command,
who can help me resolve this problem or who can analyse this problem =

Best regard           =20
Anders Ma

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